About Firewood Software

We're a small development company, dedicated to making truly fun games.

Being a small company gives us a great opportunity to really connect with our players. We welcome and request any and all feedback; let us know if you have any questions, comments, thoughts, feedback, concerns, or even just to say hello.

Email: Contact@FirewoodSoftware.com

Meet the Team

Mary Scoville - Lead Artist & Game Design

Mary Scoville is an accomplished artist trained in classical mediums such as printmaking, as well as digital mediums such as Maya, UDK, and more. She is currently working toward a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Texas in Dallas in their Arts & Technology (Game Design) program. You should check out her work at her site, MaryScoville.com, to see both her traditional art pieces as well as other game design and animation projects she has undertaken.

Contact Mary at Mary@FirewoodSoftware.com

Matt Daughtry - Lead Game Designer & Code

Matt Daughtry is a programmer and a user experience analyst. He received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and is currently a senior consultant at one of the leading usability firms in the nation.

Contact Matt at Matt@FirewoodSoftware.com

Uncool Frank is available now! Check it out!

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Uncool Frank is a fast-paced game where any mistake could be your last!


Pocket Recall is also coming soon!

Pocket Recall is an extremely elegant, highly customizable take on the classic pattern memory game.